About Us

Thunder Keg

Located in the mountains of Northern Colorado on 30 acres overlooking the iconic Cache la Poudre River, Thunder Keg Saint Bernards is committed to the preservation of this noble breed.  Our dogs can win the show ring, play in the obedience ring or be a much loved family pet and best friend.  

Jen Mehle Jones, pack leader of Thunder Keg, is a sitting panel member of the SBCA's (Saint Bernard Club of America) Heath Panel.  We have one of only 7 saints in the world with a CHIC number that has all passing tests in the breed.

Our dogs are family members and live in the house with us as such.  We truly believe that relationship and bond we've created with them gives them the life these amazing creatures truly deserve.  Our dogs' health and happiness comes first over shows and litters.  When we breed, much thought and consideration is put into the litters and they are our number one priority.  We consider it an honor and real responsibility when putting puppies on this Earth.

All puppies are raised under Puppy Culture protocol to ensure they have the best possible start to their lives, be it as a show dog that is traveling around the world or simply a loving family pet hanging out with the kids.  

Our Goals

We aim for Saint Bernards that can do the job they are historically meant to be capable of performing.  Our dogs live in the house as family members but spend their days hiking through their mountains at over 6000ft of elevation.  They are strong, intelligent and athletic dogs, who are just as happy and adjusted in the house or at a dog show as they are scaling a steep mountainside or moving through deep snow.  "Powerful" is a word mentioned several times in our breed standard, we strive to raise dogs that epitomize that description.  

We aim for the true breed standard set by the SBCA, not random trends that tend to pop up from time to time.  We encourage all our family members to study the SBCA's standard and learn as much as possible about this amazing breed.