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Mt. Harmony's It's a Wonderful Life v Elba went to her debut show in Denver, February of 2020.  She came out of the weekend winning BOTH her majors and going BOS.  Her future is so very bright.  Look for her to continue build her career over the course of this year.  

Westminster 2018

Hudson was awarded an Award of Merit at the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.  We are honored, thank you to judge Dr. Eliott More.

Kosma, CHIC #128199

Kosma has become only the 10th saint in history to qualify for a CHIC number.  Beyond that, she's one of only a handful that has PASSED all of the SBCA's required health tests.  We are so proud of this accomplishment! 

Planned Litters

We do not have any litters planned at this time.