Our Females

Kosmo Dogs Gravitation (Russia)

"Kosma" is an import from Russia, with a lovely pedigree.  She's AKC pointed on very limited showing as a puppy and a delightful bitch to have around the house.  She's one of the most intelligent and athletic St. Bernards we've ever known, she loves to hike through her mountains daily and then snuggle with her humans at night.  Kosma is one of a small handful (fewer than 10) of saints that has PASSED all of the SBCA required OFA health tests for a CHIC number (#128199).  She's OFA certified normal elbows, OFA certified fair on hips, OFA certified DM normal/normal (fully clear), OFA certified normal on eyes with zero breeder notations of any possible issues, OFA certified normal on advanced cardiac and she has a beautiful scissor bite.  Kosma will be bred this spring and then will return to the show ring in the fall.        

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